The Important Book

The Important Book


Margaret Wise Brown, the New York Times bestselling author of the perennial classics Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny, asks children to think deeply about the importance of everyday objects, from apples to spoons. With lyrical words and vivid illustrations by Caldecott winner Leonard Weisgard, The Important Book shows children just how important everyday objects can be. This picture book is an excellent choice to share during homeschooling, in particular for children ages 4 to 6. It's a fun way to learn to read and as a supplement for activity books for children.

What is the most important thing about a spoon? The fact that you can eat with it? What about an apple? Or a shoe? This book helps curious preschoolers notice important details about their everyday surroundings, like daisies are white, rain is wet, and a spoon is used for eating.

For the important thing about The Important Book is that the book resonates long after it's closed. What's most important about many familiar things--like rain and wind, apples and daisies--is suggested in rhythmic words and vivid pictures. A perfect book. The text establishes a word game which tiny children will accept with glee, said Kirkus.

Chosen as a Teachers' Top 100 Books for Children by the American National Education Association.

Rekindles the sense of wonder we were born with. True poetry about perceiving the world around us.-- Mark Frauenfelder, BoingBoing magazine

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